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It is every driver’s dream to keep his car in good shape. However, you may skip some maintenance for the weekend while others require immediate attention. 

Every type of maintenance is important, be it full engine restoration, which is pretty expensive, probably more than the down payment for the car itself. Everything serves an important role to keep your car running, and you will use some bucks to get it done. A cracked windscreen or a windshield chip may not catch your site at first but when you do notice, this can be infuriating. 

You know very well that a windscreen protects you from oncoming dangers while allowing you to see the road. However, an impact from a stone at high speed creates a small crack, which grows into a broken windshield in no time. Replace the windscreen as soon as you can to ensure your safety. But where will you get an affordable mobile repair shop? Houston Auto Glass Guy has the solution for you. Reach us at 713-929-2788, and our able team will serve you well.

We offer our services to the residents of Houston, Missouri City, Pasadena, Jacinto City, Brookside Village, Lynchburg, Sheldon, Dyersdale, Aldine, Jersey Village, Katy, Hedwig Village, Piney Point Village, Bellaire, Arascocita, Humble, Sugar Land, Pearland, and surrounding areas. If you visit any of these towns and need Auto glass services, we will be glad to serve you. Our dream is to help drivers access the best window replacement services at affordable rates.

Our customers can attest that we offer the best chip repair & auto glass service in the city. We do not lose customers, but instead, we gain new ones every day just by referrals from our current clientele. Our quality service and affordable prices are unmatched, and if your ever in Ohio we can also get your windshield replacement in Akron.

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Insurance companies state that a cracked windshield is the most sought after claim relating to the motor vehicle glass repairs. Specialists support that cracked windshields are unsafe.

Various mobile glass replacement service provider claims to offer cheap services, but when you receive the invoice, alas! You need to take a quick loan to pay. They will claim the specialty and quality of the material is responsible for the hiked price. Do not go through all that hustle. Houston Auto Glass Guy offers the best glass service at the lowest prices.

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Here are some of the most common auto glass repairs that we do:

  • Windshield repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Car Window replacement
  • Auto mirror replacement
  • Rear window replacement
  • Chip repair
  • Headlight restoration
  • Commercial auto glass
  • All other Vehicle glass services

You will not regret seeking our services for all your cracks, chips, and damages on mobile glass surfaces. Let our repair team give the best care to your ride. We handle several models

Acura, Alpha, Audi, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC , Mitsubishi, Nissan, Lexus, Rover, Jaguar, Opel, KIA, Hyundai, Ferrari, Ford, Renault, Daihatsu, Mazda, Lexis, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Dagwood, Isuzu, Honda, Dodge, Leyland, Rolls Royce, Fiat, Suzuki, Saab, Citroen, BMW, Toyota, and others

Front Windshield Repair

No law in New Mexico prohibits you from driving with a broken windshield. However, police will stop you and justify their actions with a few citations. Yes, it is unlawful for a driver to pose a risk to other road users. (Cracked windscreen will obstruct your vision.)

Houston Auto Glass Guy’s, is stocked with the best quality glass in the market. Our windscreens will keep you safe from any harm while driving or relaxing in your vehicle. Do not let minor chips and cracks dent your account balance, call us today at 713-929-2788 and get the best windshield repair within your budget.

Cracked Windshield Replacement

One gross mistake any driver can do is to ignore a crack that runs through their line of vision, it means you will not see obstacles and hazards at a safe distance. Every time you run into a speed bump, cattle guard, or a pothole, the crack will spread. Sometimes the crack expands when you shut the door or slowing down by braking. Do not wait to correct the cracks until you plow into curbs, concrete barriers, pedestrians, and other drivers. Give us a call to avoid a fine for causing an accident.

Trust us with your van, Sedan, Pickup truck, or commercial vehicle. We will fix the best quality glass within a day. You won’t find such services anywhere else in town. Here at the Houston Auto Glass Guy’s, we guarantee quality and timely services for all of our customers.

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Car Mirror Replacement

Although you drive while facing the front, it is essential to see what is happening behind you. Rear view mirror allows you to pack safely. But what happens if thugs vandalize the rear car mirror, or it snaps at the base while adjusting?

It is unsafe to drive without a view behind you. So, you think of rushing to your local dealer, after all the rear mirror is cheap. Many dealers are there to make a kill. They will charge you higher than the market price. We will not blame them as some are trying to get more than their daily commission. 

Visit our shop, where we will replace your missing car mirror at an affordable price. We have the mirrors ready, so you will not waste time waiting as we search for it from other dealers. Book an appointment today for all types of rear mirrors for a safe drive.

Rear Window Replacement

The rear window is probably the safest car window. But how does it feel when you are rushing to work and find out a kid on skateboard crashed on the window, and the helmet left a large hole? The damage will not pose any danger to you while driving, but you are vulnerable. If bulgers spot you at night or in unsafe territory, they can use the weak or broken rear window to get into your car. 

You can report your vandalized rear window to the nearest police station, but there are slim chances to make any arrests.

Reach out to our team of professionals when you need an affordable rear window swap. We offer all mobile glass services, including the maintenance and replacement of the rear window at low prices.

Do not give buglers a chance to access your car interior through a missing window. Call us today at 713-929-2788 for the best quality rear windows in time. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Chip Repair

It is your dream to drive past any place and leave with your car unscratched. However, it is very likely to have chipped glass when you drive past a construction site. The chips are insight. And if left unattended, they end up as cracks. It is rare for you to file an insurance claim for a chip in your windshield. A chip filler kit sounds like a good option. It is cheap, and you save up on service charges.  But how long will the cheap chip kit last on your mobile glass?

The Do It Yourself kits have low-quality adhesives hence, they will not withstand extreme temperatures. Since you are not in control of the weather, the chip filler will peel off sooner than you expect. 

Trust our professional-grade adhesive that will withstand the hot sun of Houston, Texas. The adhesive will also withstand the cold winters.

Handle chips professionally to prevent them from developing unto full-blown cracks. Our team will fill in the chips to prevent unsafe driving conditions. The quality of equipment and adhesive that we use ensures the chip filling remains instant until you are ready for a mobile glass replacement. Let us assist you to save money with a lasting chip repair.

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Houston TX Automotive Glass Repair

Headlight Restoration

Driving at night is fun and safe only when your headlights can illuminate the road. It is a fact well known by residents of Southwest. The dense forest gets darker at sunset. The foggy condition makes it more dangerous to drive with dim lights. 

Oncoming drivers will not see you in the foggy night. You are also at risk of driving into a dangerous obstacle. Thus. Headlight maintenance is essential.

There are several cheap headlight repair kits in the market. However, they will only serve you for a short time. You do not need to keep buying the cheap kits every other day. Contact us at 713-929-2788, and we will renew your headlight to serve you a few more years. We will help you drive safely through a dark, dense forest at affordable prices.

Auto Glass Service Near Me

Windshield repairs and other mobile glass maintenance services are the most sought after vehicle services. You need to book an appointment early to schedule an appointment. However, the dangerous driving conditions cannot let you wait a few more days. You need a quick fix to keep yourself and other road users safe.

We ensure we have enough stock for all kinds of mobile glass or all car models. The move ensures that we do not keep our customers wait as we seek their matching glass replacement.

We are ahead of our competitors in terms of pricing, quality glass, and timely services. You can confirm this through a sneak peek at Speedy Glass, Safe light, and Auto One.

It is in the public domain that nationally recognized brands charge high prices, your really just paying for the brand name. On the other hand, small shops do not file claims, hence you cannot use your insurance cover. You are left with an option to pay much. We offer a solution for these mishaps at affordable rates and speedy services. We are here to fix your problem immediately.