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Several people value their safety, they try to fix or replace a broken windshield as soon as a crack occurs. However, there is a small percentage of people who have no problem driving with broken glass.

You need to understand that a cracked windscreen and especially on driver’s side- can lead to a severe traffic accident. Do not opt to drive without a windshield. It is more dangerous as nothing shields you from flying objects.

We advise you to replace that shattered windscreen. It will save you from harm and accidents. The best decision is that you call us as soon as you encounter a crack.

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What Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

The cost of windshield replacement depends on various factors. They are not limited to the dimensions, quality of the glass, age of your car, and carriage type.

A windshield for a 98 Toyota Corolla will be less than a windshield for a 2018 GMC Denali that has sensors on the it. Since old cars are out of production, it could be a little challenging to find a windshield that suits them. Corporate or commercial vehicles also need a select type of glass and size.

We offer the best prices in comparison with our local competitors. If you need a rough estimate of our cost, you can fill out our quote form for free. We will respond promptly. Standard glass is quite affordable. However, Custom cuts, Luxury vehicles, and windshields with sensors are pricier than standard glass. But the cost is very reasonable.

The only way you are sure to get a quality windshield at the lowest market price is by calling us to fix your problem.

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Will My Insurance Cover The Cost?

A report from insurance companies’ states that the majority of car claims relate to windshield replacement. The report is a clear indication that your policy may cover for the windshield replacement. However, you should review your policy document to avoid making a non-existent claim.

If you have any questions about your insurance policy regarding the replacement, our able team will help you out. We call the insurance on your behalf and ask for any clarification. In an instance, the policyholder does not cover the replacement; you can comfortably pay for the expense as they are very affordable.

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Can I Replace My Windshield Myself?

Some drivers do replacements at home. They have perfected the art of windshield replacement, or maybe they have experience working at a mobile auto glass shop. It seems simple, but you need a lot of specialties to handle the process. Such a driver needs to invest heavily in the glass replacement tools. Since you will not need the tools on regular occasions, most of them may ignore the tools and fix the glass manually,

You will need to know the exact dimension of the windshield. But one unfortunate thing, you will not get the professional-grade adhesive to fix the windshield. 

In case you make a small mistake or miss a step, you will be in danger in case of a traffic mishap. To avoid this hassle, give us a call, and our team of professionals will handle the task.

We have readily available windshields and commercial adhesives. On top of that., we have tools that assist us in replacing the windshield in a short time.

Should I Use the Referral My Insurance Company Provided?

Insurance companies look at the profits they make. Therefore, they will only consider the cost of the replacement for referrals to their clients. When a service provider uses low-quality material, they lower the price to attract more customers. Do not fall into their trap. Do due diligence before settling for any referrals. Settle for the quality you are comfortable with. You will be in that vehicle with a trembling windshield and uncomfortable noise. 

Save yourself from all that trouble by booking our services. We ensure your replacement is well fixed and safe.

Will My Insurance Cover Repairs?

Low-quality do it yourself kits focus on increasing profits. Thus, they use low viscosity resin that drips away from the cracks.  That way, it does not last making you buy the kit severally. They also provide you with a suction cup. However, the tool cannot create a vacuum around the impact area. The resin will dry, but the cracks will not seal completely. The air within the cracks is the main reason the resin wears out in extreme weather conditions.

Please do not add to the statistic of the drivers that learn from their experience. You will lose money on the quick-fix solutions and probably end up with a damaged windshield that will warrant a replacement- a problem we can help you avoid.

Our team of experts will freeze the glass cracks before they spread. Allow us to help you save time and money through the best auto glass repairs.