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If your window has ever came off track, you know the frustration of keeping it up to prevent outside elements from ruining your interior. The first struggle is picking the window back up. Once you get it up your stiffing paper and card board in the glass to prevent it from falling. Just give us a shout and we’ll be out there in no time to fix the situation. Repairing are power window is slightly different than a manual, but both still have a similar elements. 

Several drivers out there on the road have a plastic bag in place of a window. With a broken car window, give us a call at 713-929-2788 before you even consider covering your door window with a trash bag & tape. Not even duck tape, some are using scotch tape & bubble gum. What ever we have to do to protect ourselves from the wind right. But at the same time, trying to avoid discomfort & suffer from frustration. None will ever understand their disappointments until you get into the same situation.

We make sure you are able to get in touch with us. In case of a true emergency DIAL 911 NOW! Other than that you always contact us by phone or clicking HERE to restore your glass.

After choosing the Houston Auto Glass Guy you will surely feel good knowing your glass got fixed properly.You avoided disappointments of cheap Do It Yourself labor, plus saved your self affordable rates on window replacement for a steal! We are civilized so we do not need an arm & a leg from you to patch you glass. 

It Does not matter where you are, we will come to you, just to save you from any on hassle. You deserve the best in life, so does the vehicle you trust to travel in, upon the public freeways and private back roads.


 We offer the best quality window replacement at the best price in the market because we are the best!

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Complete Auto Glass Replacement

When you think of a vehicle, you probably think of a solid piece of metal. But the reality is, a car has many glass surfaces. Various shops offer auto glass replacement on only a few specific glasses. It results in inconvenience as you will need to talk to different dealers, looking for suitable glass items for your car.

When you need the best service provider, look for a dealer who offers comprehensive auto glass services. That is the Houston Auto Glass Guy’s guarantee. 

We have all varieties of windows. Thus, we will spend limited time to determine the window that your car needs. Our array of choices and speedy services set us apart from our competitors. The following are the kinds of glass you will find at our stores. And we have all types to fit different car models.

  • Front windshield replacement
  • Rear windshield services
  • Side passenger window
  • Side mirror
  • Rearview mirror
  • Moonroof
  • Sunroofs
  • Classic car quarter glass
  • Tempered auto glass
  • Automatic car windows
  • Laminated vehicle glass
  • Headlight and taillight restoration and replacement
  • Other car glass services

The glass mentioned above items ensures that you have a safe driving experience. Ensure you have a professional team that will handle your repairs and replacements. Book us today for our befitting services.

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Houston TX Automotive Glass Repair

The Harm Of Missing Windows

The window is just a transparent barrier between the car occupant and the outside world. It is hard for anyone to see any harm from a missing window. After all, people drive with the passenger’s window wide open. So, what difference would it make if the window is missing altogether?

There are instances when a driver will delay a window replacement appointment awaiting the seasonal promotions. People save huge discounts. Other drivers are utterly ignorant of the dangers facing them.

A missing window will invite bulgers. You may also create a ‘safe haven’ for pests and stray animals. It is too dangerous to drive around with a missing window. Your car serves as your mobile home. Sometimes you carry important stuff, and you would not wish to misplace them. Thus, you should ensure all the windows are intact and replace them soon after they are damaged beyond repair.

Maybe you think you will not heed to carry any valuables in your car. Good idea, however, you do not want to lose your car to thieves. They can sneak in through the missing window, and you will have to find an alternative means of transport. The process of tracking the car is long and tedious. That money that you may lose by tracing the car, you can save by replacing the missing window.

How Do You Replace Car Windows?

When the window is freshly shattered, we remove any remaining glass pieces, vacuum the car seat, interior, and all crevices. For a smooth job, we assign the replacement to a qualified and experienced technician. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done in record time.

There are instances we will need to remove the door panel, especially for large trucks. It is inconvenient for a technician to work while uncomfortable on a ladder. The technician will then install the window after he or she is sure there are no broken glasses, and the working surface is clean. After fixing the window, we do a function test just to ensure it will work correctly daily.

The whole process takes a few hours. You can leave us with the car as you run some errands and pick it later in the day. We have a catch. All the replacement services are relatively affordable for the quality you will get.

Why Hire Houston Auto Glass Guy’s

We are the best auto glass techs in the community. We have the best service & best prices for all glass repair & replacements. As a family of experts, we strive to keep our price affordable while offering high-quality glass replacements. None of our competitors match our quality and price because we are the best.

You will find many national and international brands offering similar services at exorbitant prices. With us, you will save on money and get similar quality glass and services. Others will give you low prices, but in the end, you receive shoddy services and inferior quality mirrors. Do not waste your money while we offer the best deals for quality and pricing.