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When window cracks occur, the driver will notice the windshield first and then the passenger window. They will probably notice the broken rear shield when washing the car, or someone else alerts them. 

The rear windshield is not subject to frequent damage. Hence, many insurance policies ignore them or make you pay more out of pocket. It is for a similar reason many auto glass stores do not store rear windows. A car owner can spend long hours looking for dealers with rear windshields in stock, 

Here at Houston Auto Glass Guy’s, we ensure we have rear windows for all car models. You will find all the auto glass items you need under one roof.

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Rear Windshield Replacement

Any driver would expect that the front windshield and the rear windshield are of the same material. But since the manufacturer knows the rear windshield is facing away from oncoming danger, they instead use the same material they use on the passenger window.

Despite the quality of the glass that makes the rear windshield, you will rarely experience damages. However, a strong impact from the back can shatter the window. It may also cause injury to backseat occupants; however, do not use a plastic paper as the rear windshield. You do not want to give buglers a reason to vandalize your ride.

Rear windshields are of three major designs. The most common ones are firmly fixed onto the vehicle. The others can either have a hinge or sliding mechanism. Whichever design your car fits, we will fix it for you. 

Our team will help you with the best quality rear windshield. Give us a call at 713-929-2788 and get your customized quotation.

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Can I Replace The Back Glass Myself?

Many drivers assume that they can repair rear windshields themselves because it’s just like the front. However, their assumption is wrong. The rear windshield is made of tempered glass. The treatment allows the glass to shatter onto smaller but safer pieces. You will rarely get cuts from a shattered rear windshield. 

Unlike the front windshield, the rear mirror has no lamination. Hence, a force of impact will scatter the pieces of glass all over. Once the window breaks, there is no chance to repair it. Thus, you will need a replacement every time a rear windshield breaks.

Why Did My Back Glass Break?

A driver will get concerned over any other broken glass but the rear windshield. No reason makes sense why the rear windshield broke. Out of frustration, many will choose to ignore the broken rear glass for a few days. I mean, how will you tell your policyholder you found the rear windshield broken? They need a solid reason to process your claim. If you decide to report to the local police, rarely will you find meaningful help.

Sometimes, the rear windshield will break from the pressure of the heated trapped air in the car. Slamming the door will push the hot air against the glass, and the weak ones, in this case, the rear windshield, will fly into the air.

When it happens, do not worry. We will offer a good quality rear mirror at pocket-friendly prices.

Can I Drive With A Broken Rear Glass?

Many windshield laws are subject to the front windshields. As you know, a driver faces direct danger when the front windshield is damaged or missing. However, the laws do not affect the rear windshield. In case of doubts, you can seek professional advice, in this case, a lawyer, to elaborate on windshield laws.

As much as it is safe to drive with a broken rear window, it is not safe to drive through rainy weather. You are also at risk of buglers, pests, and animals. A plastic paper should only serve as a temporary cover before you drive into our store for a replacement.