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When you search through the internet, you will find a lot of headlight restoration kits. These products will offer a temporary solution for your dim headlights. Some people use sandpaper to scrub the headlight. The process is tiring and time-consuming, and the results are not appealing. You may end up with a broken headlight. Sometimes, you may opt to use harsh chemicals to clean the headlight. The chemicals pose a danger to your skin and can bleach your car.

It is simple to restore a car’s headlight. However, you need the right tools, chemicals, and precautionary tips to get the best results. Let our team of experts renew your headlight. Our services are fast and convenient. 

Nights in New Mexico are either pitch black or have illumination from the full moon. However, you will realize you need a headlight that functions to the optimum when the night is dark and foggy.

When the headlight turns yellow, you will not see obstacles clearly at night. You may end up in a ditch. Avoid unnecessary accidents by giving us a call at 713-929-2788.

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What Causes Fogged Headlights?

The headlight case is made of clear durable plastic. Many people mistake the plastic with glass. However, when switching the headlight on and off, the outer surface reacts with air. Due to the constant change in temperature, oxidation takes place. Over time, you will notice a change in color on the headlight case. 

The yellow layer prevents the headlight to illuminate several yards ahead of the vehicle. Hence, it limits the driver’s night vision. It is a serious issue that you should address soon. However, the oxidation doesn’t degrade the headlight case. It only adds a translucent layer that dims the lights.

An oxidized headlight poses a traffic risk to drivers who must travel at night. Let us restore your safe night travels with our excellent and timely services.

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How Long Does Professional Restoration Take?

In the early days, headlight restoration services would take several hours. However, services have since improved, and we can restore your headlights in under one hour. Do not worry about your tight schedule; our team of experts is ready to meet you at your office, home, or the shopping mole where we will get to work as you run your errands.

The restoration process takes an approximate time of 30 minutes. However, we would recommend you let the car settle for a minimum of one hour before driving. During that time, the restoration product cures to give you optimum results.

Several stores offer headlight restoration services. However, I will recommend you do due diligence to ensure the use of the latest technology that saves you on time. Wwe use the latest and advanced commercial products so that we may not keep you waiting.

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What About All These Life Hacks Online?

Life hacks sound interesting. Having a cheap solution for a complex or rather expensive problem is a dream for many. However, many of these hacks can lead to severe damages. 

Several people recommend the use of lubricant and brake fluid. It will be a wow moment when your headlight is clear again. Unfortunately, there is an underlying danger. Sometimes, the fluids seep through the sections between the plastic and metal. It results in a permanent floating oil droplet that blurs the light from the inner surface. The oil patch hinders the driver from seeing the road clearly at night.

Other mechanics th9nk that rubbing coarse compounds is a cheap and safe way to restore the headlights. You are likely to achieve a temporary result. However, the problem arises when you need to restore the headlights regularly. You know the compounds cause abrasion of the headlight lens. In the end, the casing breaks and you will spend extra money on a replacement.

Why Hire Us for Headlights?

Headlight restoration is a service that many customers would not expect to get in an auto glass store. Mobile auto glass is subject to more danger while driving at night than during the day; we thought it is wise to incorporate the headlight restoration services.

It is not hard for us to take this process because it follows the same procedure as the chip and crack repairs. The 30-minute process will leave your mouth agape. Some drivers think we do a quick headlight swap while all we do is use professional-grade products to renew your headlight. Have a safe night rude with us at Houston Auto Glass Guy. We care about your safety, so should you. Give us a call at 713-929-2788 today for quick headlight restoration.