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Road trips are modern picnics. You are taking yourself out on a long road trip listening to your favorite music. The weather is calming, but while you were behind a semi truck, the trucks tire shot a small pebble into your windshield.  Luckily, the windshield stops the incoming danger from piercing all the way though, what follows is a scratch, chip or crack. It is now wide enough to warrant a windshield replacement.

What do you do now? If you leave the chip unattended, it will widen, obstructing your vision. You need to fix the problem soon. I advise you to do what other drivers do in the area, contact Houston Glass Guy, and we will fix the scratches and chips within minutes. Let us freeze the chip so that the cracks don’t spread.


What is Glass Chip Repair?

A small gravel impact may cause damage that is less than half an inch in diameter. Specialists say that does not qualify to be a crack, hence they call it a chip. When you attend a chip as soon as it occurs, we guarantee it will not develop into a full-blown crack.

The process of repairing a chip is similar to that of glass crack repair. The only difference is that when repairing a chip, you do not need to assess the condition of the glass as the impact is too little.

We use a durable resin with high viscosity to hold the glass together. The process is short. You can wait for your vehicle for a few minutes as you ask relevant questions to our able team.

As stated earlier, the chip can grow into large cracks and maybe end up damaging the whole windscreen. Save yourself the trouble by acting fast on the chip. When you let the damage grow beyond half an inch, it will graduate into a crack. You should note that the price to repair a scratch is higher than repairing a chip.

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Will the Repair Last Forever?

The question that lingers in many drivers heads is whether the repair will last long. At Auto Glass, we use the best adhesives available in the market. Thus, the repair will withstand harsh climatic conditions for a significant time. However, when you continue to expose your repaired window to the hot Houston TX sun, the patch may peel off (after some time). We, thus, advise you to cover your car any time you leave it under the sun.

Ask for any information, and we will offer you the most honest feedback. However, we assure you will get the best services, and you will enjoy the value of your money. The repair may last forever if you do not constantly subject the glass to stress and harsh climatic conditions. We dedicate our time to offer the best and quality services.

Can I Repair My Glass Chip Myself?

Yes. There are a lot of Do It Yourself kits in the market. They offer a temporary solution to the problem and are so easy to use. However, there is a problem. They use low quality and high viscosity adhesives. The result seems reasonable at first, but a few days after repair, the filling peels off. Frustrating, right?

We do professional chip repairs with high quality and low viscosity resins. The adhesive holds the glass tight and dries fast to offer optimum results. 

When you settle for a do it yourself kit, the quality is not a guarantee; you may witness the cracks expanding under repair, which will subject you to extra repair expenses. Houston Auto Glass Guy remains the best option for all drivers within the community.

How Do You Fill Chips?

Do it yourself kits have instructions to use. Before you apply the adhesive, you need to wipe the glass with alcohol. It helps to rid any glass and dirt. You follow up by squeezing the adhesive around the area. When you look closely, the results are messy. There are chances that some resin will melt and flow before it serves its purpose.

Let your chip receive quality professional treatment. Our commercial-grade adhesives are melt resistance. Hence, it will dry well and hold the glass together. Additionally, we use the Ultraviolet light tool to cure the repair; it helps the resin to dry quickly.

Give us a call before the chip develops into a crack. Chip repair is the cheapest car maintenance service. It is essential as it prevents you from replacing the whole windscreen in a few weeks after impact.